Chicago Bears: Teammates hint they want Mitchell Trubisky replaced

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Amidst all of the free agency craziness, Chicago Bears players appear to want to replace Mitchell Trubisky, according to their social media.

What a day it was in the NFL world. On Day 2 of the free agency frenzy, we saw plenty more deals handed out and several rumors take flight. For the Chicago Bears, it was a much better outcome than Day 1, when they signed an aging Jimmy Graham to a fairly rich contract.

The big move Chicago made on Day 2 included signing experienced pass rusher Robert Quinn to a 5-year, $70 million contract. The former All Pro and multi-Pro Bowl participant joins a pass rush opposite of Khalil Mack, which should be a blast to watch unfold.

While the Quinn signing was terrific, it should also be noted that a couple of Bears players may have hinted at wanting the team to bring in a new quarterback. Maybe, just maybe, some of these players are seeing what many fans see with Mitchell Trubisky — he isn’t the guy.

It all began when return specialist Cordarrelle Patterson began recruiting via his Twitter account.

Patterson reached out to both Teddy Bridgewater and Tom Brady via Twitter, lobbying for their services in a roundabout way. Now, neither one of them landed with the Bears, of course. But, it’s worth noting that Patterson is out there recruiting — serious or not.

Aside from Patterson, wideout Allen Robinson also gave us a subtle hint that he’d like the Bears to take a shot on trading for Cam Newton, who is now allowed to seek a trade from the Carolina Panthers.

Robinson retweeted a post from FanDuel which showed the current odds on favorites to land Newton, in which the Bears were no. 1 on the list.

Oh, and back to Patterson for a moment. He also replied to someone on Twitter throwing Cam’s name out there in connection with the Bears, saying Newton will apparently be ready for training camp. It appears Patterson likes the idea of Chicago landing Newton.

Since Newton was allowed to seek a trade, plenty of outlets have him linked to the Bears. NFL Network had a panel on their show “All Access” which agreed on Chicago being a great spot. Among the panel present were former players Kurt Warner and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Whether or not the Bears go out and get a big name quarterback via trade or free agency, one thing remains very clear at this point: Not every teammate is on board with their quarterback.

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If I am Ryan Pace, I am ensuring I take these opinions seriously. If Patterson and Robinson were, in fact, happy with Trubisky, they wouldn’t be messing around like this on Twitter. This shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Trubisky does not have the utmost faith placed in him from his locker room.