Chicago Bears: Ranking 3 quarterback trade options

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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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QB. Jacksonville Jaguars. Nick Foles. 2. player. 52.

Nick Foles is a slightly better option than Andy Dalton. The reason it is only slightly better is the contract. Foles earned a big contract against the salary cap after his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles. They were a very good team that relied on Foles in clutch situations and he delivered time and time again. He got injured with the Jacksonville Jaguars in his first season with them. That has led to them to seemingly commit to Gardner Minshew as their starter with Foles on the trade block.

Foles would be a good option because he has shown that he can lead a good roster to the promised land. If the Bears believe that they have a good roster, then trading for Foles might not be such a bad idea. He won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2018. It was in the place of the injured Carson Wentz, who was injured during the regular season while having an MVP level year. Foles stepped in and delivered.

Foles would bring that experience and clutch gene to the Bears. They desperately need that from the quarterback position. If Foles came to Chicago and simply was himself, the Bears could really do some damage. He isn’t a superstar talent but he is famously known for being a great teammate and someone who can win football games.