Chicago Bears: Expect the unexpected at the quarterback position

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

If you were on social media yesterday, one thing was clear: Expect the unexpected when it comes to the Chicago Bears quarterback situation.

All offseason, for the Chicago Bears, the question has been asked: Who’s going to be the quarterback that general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy bring in to compete with Mitchell Trubisky.

And all offseason, multiple names have been floated around. Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater, and Cam Newton. However, on day one of free agency, this were particularly interesting.

The Bears were rumored to have been talking to Teddy Bridgewater, giving him a deal that would make him the team’s starter. Of the six names listed above, only Carr, Bridgewater, and Newton would be the ones to come and immediately dethrone Trubisky.

Then, in a matter of just a few hours, more news came out about the Bears quarterback search. The reports were that they were out on Bridgewater and were looking at options such as Foles and Dalton.

So what does the Bears going from potentially locking Bridgewater down to trying to work out a trade for Dalton or Foles really mean? It means to expect the unexpected. There’s no knowing what will happen with the Bears quarterback situation.

Keeping your options open is something that should always be done, however, with the way things are going, Pace could end up messing up this entire situation and then just decide to draft a rookie as “competition” for Trubisky.

And that would mean the Bears 2020 season would hinge on Trubisky which is an issue because they’d be wasting another year of guys like Khalil Mack, Leonard Floyd, Allen Robinson, Eddie Jackson, Akiem Hicks, Roquan Smith, and Kyle Fuller.

Pace and Nagy both know that they’re on the hot seat going into 2020. A winning season means that both are back in 2021. But lose and the Bears are going to have a new general manager and head coach which means that they’ll be rebuilding again.

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Over the next few weeks, between free agency and the NFL Draft, we’ll have a much clearer idea of what the Bears 2020 season could look like. If the Bears are serious about being playoff contenders in 2020, then fixing the quarterback position is the biggest priority. However, with the all mixed information that came out on day one, it’s clear that as of right now, you should expect the unexpected.