Chicago Sports: Five greatest moments since 1990

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Chicago is one of the best sports towns in the world. So which Chicago Sports moments are the greatest since the year 1990?

When you think of great sports towns in the United States of America, Chicago has to be right up there. They have five professional sports men’s teams that play the four major sports of baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. The Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Cubs are the five Chicago Sports teams that make up this great landscape.

Only the Bears have not won their league’s championship since the year 1990. Every other team has combined for a total of 11 championships which is a remarkable 30 year stretch for the city. None of those eleven championships came in the same year either, which is sort of remarkable in its own right. There have been some great moments throughout Chicago history, and the sports landscape is no different.

Chicago has had some downright awful moments as well. It is a part of sports to win some and lose some. There was a long time where it seemed like nobody would ever win again but that really all changed quickly. To go with some of those awesome winning seasons, have been some great players and managers. Things might seem like they are on the downright now with most of the teams, but there is plenty of ways to turn that all around.

This is a town that is loaded with passionate sports fans. It shows at regular season and playoff games along with large attendance for championship parades. Everyone is looking for a positive in their life so it is good to reflect on some of those good times. These are the five greatest moments from Chicago sports from the year 1990-2020.