Bears Rumors: Don’t Sign Bridgewater or Trade For Dalton, Try Carr

Derek Carr, Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Derek Carr, Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

With the rumors of the Chicago Bears looking to add competition to the quarterback position, Derek Carr would be their best option.

The Chicago Bears need to be smart and make the right move this offseason when it comes to the quarterback position. Yes, they have concerns at tight end and on the offensive line, but it seems that a solid quarterback like Derek Carr wouldn’t need every little thing to be perfect.

That isn’t a dig at Mitchell Trubisky at all, I love Trubisky. I would prefer that Trubisky remains the Bears’ quarterback, but successfully. There is a better option for the Bears right now with Carr. The rumors of the Raiders signing Tom Brady as soon as Wednesday pushes Carr to the curb.

If the Raiders are actively looking to trade Carr away, the Bears could get him for a good price. The Bears could get him with their 43rd draft pick and maybe add a pick later in the draft. Adding Carr to the team pushes Trubisky to the max.

If Trubisky is going to be an elite NFL quarterback, he’ll need to get passed, Carr. Let’s say Trubisky blows Carr out of the water in the offseason and during the preseason, they could trade Carr to a quarterback struggling team for a need.

If it goes the other way around and Carr beats out Trubisky, you now have a better quarterback. You also know what you have with your backup quarterback in Trubisky.

Trubisky has won with this team before. He has a 23-18 record as a starter with Chicago. If Carr were to get hurt or play poorly, they have a quarterback who has won before. Also, quarterback competition brings the best out of both quarterbacks.

It’s a win-win for Chicago. If the Bears were planning on drafting a quarterback with the 43rd pick anyway, trading that to the Raiders wouldn’t change much. Instead of drafting a project, you get a solid veteran in the prime of his career.

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It seems like a no-brainer.