Chicago Bears: How to take a shot and trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Trade No. 2

49ers fans are going to kill me for this one, but hear me out. This could work.

If Brady ends up in San Francisco, what better guy to learn from, right? The Bears get their new starter in Garoppolo, which means Trubisky would be the immediate backup. Instead, Pace could ship Trubisky off to San Francisco and include a little pick swap.

On the Niners’ side, they get a valuable backup in Trubisky. But, more importantly, they could have a chance at seeing Trubisky develop into a decent starter if he learned from Brady. This, of course, would depend on how long Brady stayed in San Francisco.

In this case, Trubisky’s option likely isn’t picked up, because the Niners aren’t going to pay upwards of $24 million for a backup in 2021 — assuming Brady is still around. But, if Brady leaves after one season, and they like what they see from Trubisky, they could likely negotiate a much friendlier contract than one which averages $24 million annually.

Quite frankly, both quarterbacks could be cut after this year and neither team would lose out on much. You might laugh at a deal like this, but in the end, there isn’t much of a negative outcome for either franchise. The Niners get a shot at a title while the Bears get an upgrade at quarterback.