Chicago Bears: Trade packages for Trai Turner

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The biggest hurdle for striking a deal for the likes of Trai Turner isn’t necessarily the compensation the Bears would have to give up. Instead, the biggest obstacle will be having to juggle their salary cap space if they were to procure Turner’s $12.8 million cap hit for the 2020 season.

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What’s the best way to combat this issue? Well, the Bears happen to have a former top-ten draft pick who has been a steady starter off the edge. While Leonard Floyd has only accumulated 18.5 total sacks in 4-seasons, the Georgia product is an elite pass coverage backer.

Floyd is only 1-year older than Turner and is facing a fifth-year conundrum. While the Bears picked up Floyd’s fifth-year option, rumors are that Chicago may be looking at alternatives to paying their edge rusher a base salary of $13.2 million. How perfectly does it work out that both Floyd and Turner’s deals come within a few hundred thousand dollars of each other?

While Floyd plays a more pivotal position, it’s not hard to realize that Turner has been the more successful professional. So, my thought is the Bears throw in a 2021 fifth-round draft pick to sweeten the deal for Carolina and their rebuild.

To finalize, the Panthers would receive both Leonard Floyd and Chicago’s 2021 fifth-round draft pick, and the Bears would obtain Trai Turner. Now, would Ryan Pace have the eagerness to make such a move? Well, that’s up to him and his staff.