Chicago Bulls: Jim Boylen is the worst coach in team history

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Reason #3: Bulls management fully supports Boylen

I know this isn’t a specific critique of Boylen as a coach, but in the bizarro world that is the Chicago Bulls, it’s a negative for a coach to have the full support of the front office.

I’ve beaten the subject of criticizing GarPax to death, and you should definitely go back and read those columns. But my point here is not to criticize them more, but to point out the absolutely broken structure of the team.

Paxson has been a part of this team’s front office in one capacity or another for the past 16 years. In that time, the Bulls haven’t even appeared in the NBA Finals, and have been to the Eastern Conference Finals once.

There’s almost no one in a team’s front office that has that long of a tenure with one team while having no titles to show for it. There’s a long history of the Reinsdorf family (who owns the Bulls) being very loyal to their employees. Paxson is the prime example.

For a guy who once choked a head coach in Vinny Del Negro, it seems as if Paxson will outlast Boylen if the team ever does decide to look for a new coach.

There are conflicting reports that Paxson could be gone next season, but it seems the likely outcome will simply be a change in his job title.

As Paxson and Forman continue to back Boylen in their limited media availability, this team’s progress and future continue to be negatively impacted.

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There’s no end in sight, and there needs to be a lot of personnel change for this team to move in the right direction.