Chicago Bulls: Jim Boylen is the worst coach in team history

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Reason #2: Boylen’s players clearly don’t respect him

Since shortly after Boylen was hired as Bulls interim head coach in 2018, there’s been evidence that the players haven’t been on the same page with their leader. That evidence continues to mount this season.

Only a week into his coaching tenure, Boylen nearly had a full mutiny on his hands as his new players didn’t appreciate his coaching style. Boylen famously made the players double up on practices as soon as he took control as head coach.

He then pulled his starters in the third quarter of a blowout loss to the Boston Celtics. It didn’t sit well with the team, who no-showed the team’s next practice and were prepared to take further action until cooler heads prevailed.

This type of clear disrespect and dislike continues this season as players like Zach LaVine openly criticized Boylen’s decision-making. The team wouldn’t even acknowledge their coach after a buzzer-beating win.

There’s also this clip during a recent Q&A with Bulls center Wendell Carter Jr. A fan yelled out “Fire Boylen!”, and rather than defend his coach, Carter simply tilted his head back in uproarious laughter. That should tell you all you need to know.

This discontent between players and a Bulls coach reminds me vaguely of Scott Skiles. He had stupid team rules like not allowing players to wear headbands. He was considered as an abrasive personality that wore on players.

For Boylen, he could only be so lucky to have that type of reputation. It’s time for him to punch out on his famous time clock and never return to the Bulls.