Chicago Bulls News: Zach LaVine questioning Jim Boylen proves the obvious

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

To no one’s surprise, Jim Boylen continues to frustrate Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine.

On Saturday night, the Chicago Bulls took on the Phoenix Suns and were at one point up double digits. In the least shocking news of the weekend, the Bulls wound up blowing that lead and losing the game 112-104.

As he has done on several occasions this season, Bulls head coach Jim Boylen decided to call a timeout late in the game when the Bulls were down by 10 and it was all but out of reach.

Like most fans, guard Zach LaVine was left scratching his head and wondering why his head coach would take a timeout at that stage.

It wasn’t the craziest thing we’ve seen from Boylen, but one of many ludicrous decisions during his puzzling tenure with the team. After the game, LaVine was asked about the late timeout in the locker room.

LaVine has been visibly frustrated with Boylen countless times by now. But, the frustration appears to be boiling over. The tone and attitude in which LaVine responds in the above clip proves one thing above all else:

This team trusts Boylen as much as the general public does Jose Altuve at this very second.

LaVine is the clear-cut leader of this team. He has said time and time again that he is “all about the team.” This year, he has proven to be more than capable of leading the troops in crunch time. LaVine has fully broken out this season, and it’s a shame, because the team still stinks.

The team stinks because of the inconsistencies at the top. It all starts with John Paxson, who will still likely have control once the organization replaces Gar Forman. Paxson’s blind trust in Boylen is beyond silly and, if he has any semblance of an IQ, he’d take a hint from his star guard and fire the guy immediately.

The Bulls are a team which is headed nowhere fast under Boylen. They’ve been heading in a downward spiral since Boylen took over the team last season. It has not gotten better; worse, in fact.

For some reason, Boylen’s ridiculous coaching style and decision-making continue to take his team out of games. One of the most mind-numbingly foolish decisions is the continuing inability to make Coby White a starter. In his last two games, White has scored 33-plus points off the bench.

Yet, Boylen puts his trust in Ryan Arcidiacono as his starting point guard. It is clear to anybody with a decent set of eyes that White must be starting. The kid deserves it. Why not develop your future while you’re headed for another lottery pick?

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LaVine is justified in his displeasure and sarcasm when it comes to his head coach. Boylen has no business coaching in the NBA. It’s time to get this guy a ticket out of town, and LaVine knows it.