Chicago Bears Free Agency: 5 players worth the money

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Chicago Bears, Teddy Bridgewater
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2. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

Just a few days ago, future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees announced that he was returning for yet another season and will make one more run with the New Orleans Saints. Not only does that mean Taysom Hill won’t have a shot to start for the Saints just yet, but of course, Teddy Bridgewater joins that conversation.

It may have already been a foregone conclusion that Bridgewater will be wearing a different uniform next season, but now, it’s going to be darn near impossible for him to remain in New Orleans. There is no way the Saints bring him back, especially with the market for starting quarterbacks on the rise.

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If you’re even halfway intelligent as a Bears fan, you will understand that Mitchell Trubisky is absolutely not the guy for the future of this franchise. Disclaimer: If he miraculously turns his career around and proves me otherwise, I’ll eat those words happily.

Bridgewater is no Brees, but he’s more than capable as a starting quarterback. He might not be an All Pro, but Bridgewater would put the Bears in contention immediately — as would quite a few other quarterbacks, honestly. Trubisky is the weakest link on this roster, period.