Chicago Bears Rumors: Derek Carr teases fans with IG post

Chicago Bears (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images) /

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr teases fans and sparks Chicago Bears rumors with a cryptic Instagram post.

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear Chicago Bears rumors are committed to Mitchell Trubisky for 2020, or committed to finding his replacement. If the latter is true, one candidate who would make a lot of sense is current Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

There have been rumors that the Raiders may be looking to move on, and that a potential landing spot could be the Bears. Well, Carr did nothing to quiet those rumors with his latest Instagram post.

According to many reports, the Raiders are going to be very aggressive in going after superstar Tom Brady, and are apparently prepared to give him $30 million per year to kick off their first year in Sin-City. It also appears that head coach Jon Gruden has not been 100 percent sold on Carr since he took over the team.

The Raiders could save approximately $16 million by moving on from Carr, and his reasonable contract might make him an attractive candidate for the Bears.

Something else that might make him an attractive option is his relationship with current Bears’ superstar, Khalil Mack, who has not hidden his “bromance” with his former quarterback. And If Carr’s current IG post is any indication, he clearly feels the same way.

Now there is no way to know whether Carr is trying to cryptically tell us all something, or if it was just an innocent post, honoring his close friend. The reality is the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, with Carr sending a not so subtle signal that he would be more than open to the idea of coming to Chicago to be their starting quarterback.

The question is “would the Bears want him to be their starting quarterback.” The logical answer is “they absolutely should be.” Yes, Carr does not come without his own limitations, but he is a much more effective (and accurate) passer than Trubisky to all levels of the football field.

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He would be precisely the type of above-average game manager that Alex Smith was during his one year of overlap with Matt Nagy in Kansas City. If he is sending a signal and looking for someone to toss him a lifeline and get him out of Las Vegas, then Ryan Pace should be first in line to extend his hand.