Chicago Bears Free Agency: 4 players that require caution

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Chicago Bears, Jameis Winston
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3. Quarterback Jameis Winston

For all of those Jay Cutler truthers out there who believe that the 2019 Bears would have been a championship-caliber team with Cutler in his prime, I present to you: Jameis Winston, a.k.a. Cutler 2.0.

Winston has a weird, fairly immature personality. Cutler didn’t have much of a personality on the field with the Bears. But, when it comes to on-field play, these guys are very similar.

Cutler threw a lot of crazy passes which made you scratch your head, pull your hair out and wonder why the Bears ever made that trade to begin with. At the same time, he made some of the prettiest throws you’ll ever see.

Winston will similarly drive you crazy with some of the decisions he makes. At the same time, he can throw the ball down field and, with solid weapons, be much more than just serviceable.

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Don’t get it twisted — Winston would be a very good option for the Bears at quarterback. However, they can’t afford to pay him too much money, especially considering he’s fairly turnover-prone.

I have a feeling Winston will have at least one team willing to pay him $20 million on a 1-year deal where he can prove himself. The Bears don’t even have that ability with their current cap space, so Pace would have to work a miracle in order to fit that type of contract in while addressing other issues.