Chicago Cubs Rumors: Does Kris Bryant really want to leave in 2021?

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At the start of Spring Training for the Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant revealed that he would love to remain with the organization, despite rumblings from the media that suggest otherwise.

Former MVP Kris Bryant will not be able to test free agency until after the 2021 season, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to put out ongoing rumors of him looking to bolt out the door, when his contract with the Chicago Cubs expires.

Per Bleacher Report, while speaking recently to a group of reporters, Bryant passionately defended himself from the ongoing criticism that has plagued his offseason, exclaiming:

"Let’s get rid of him now because he doesn’t want to be here in two years. He turned down this monster extension well north of $200 million. And I’m like, ‘Well, where was that? I never saw that.’"

Bryant is emphatically swatting rumors flying around recently that he rejected a hefty contract extension offered by Theo Epstein and the front office. Visibly annoyed by trade rumors, along with everyone judging his character…the 28 year-old third-baseman would rather just let his play do all the talking from here on out, adding:

"Of course, you want to be here, but I don’t hold those cards. I just go out there and play third base…and left field and right field and center field and first base and do what I do."

Based off these comment made by Bryant, it’s hardly become a secret that just like the rest of us, he’s no stranger to all the outside noise that surround the Chicago Cubs. The organization is going through more uncertainty now than ever during the Epstein era, largely because the front office is hamstrung by the luxury tax, impacting their ability to sign or extend players.

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Furthermore, because the organization continues to have a hard time developing talent throughout their farm-system, this has led to rumors flying everywhere regarding the status of Bryant and other prominent stars on the Cubs roster.

While Bryant wants to just get back to playing baseball for the Cubs, there’s unfortunately no escaping the reality that until Bryant either gets traded or signs an extension, he won’t be able to swiftly dodge ongoing rumors surrounding his self-interests.

That’s what happens when your agent happens to be Scott Boras. Boras represents many of the top-tier players in baseball, such as Bryce Harper, and his reputation is to always help his clients receive the highest contract offer on the table. As a result, this often leads to players leaving their original team to sign a luxurious contract elsewhere once they hit free agency, sometimes making for an uglier than expected exit.

Boras isn’t afraid to speak on behalf on his clients, often defending them from any sort of criticism that comes their way. His perceived reputation for encouraging his clients to hold out on contract extension talks until they hit the open market is only fueling rumors of Bryant wanting to go elsewhere.

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It appears that Bryant still enjoys being a Chicago Cub nonetheless. With that said, there’s no doubt that he is keeping an open-mind on this whole free agency process, thanks to his cunning agent. Who can blame him for wanting to possibly test the free agent market to see what other offers show up? Even if that means rejecting an extension or two in the meantime, behind closed doors.