Chicago Bulls are the butt of NBA All Star Weekend’s joke

With the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend being held in the Windy City, it is truly a shame that the Chicago Bulls will be the butt of this year’s joke.

The Chicago Bulls had years to prepare for the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend. They knew, well in advance, that Chicago would be center stage to the season’s biggest party.

This isn’t just the basketball world, either. This is pop culture. This is bigger than basketball.

To put it in perspective, the average ticket to Sunday’s All Star Game cost $1,565.00. People travel an average distance of nearly 200 miles just to be present for the weekend’s events. Heck, the “get-in” price for Sunday’s game is almost $800, per Andrew Gretchko of Vivid Seats.

That is a gigantic chunk of change just for people to enjoy the city of Chicago over the biggest weekend of the NBA regular season.

Yet, despite the enormous stage and high stakes, Chicago is just another city this weekend. Bulls fans have zero reason to be proud of this organization and what kind of team is set to host the league’s brightest stars.

As a whole, there isn’t a lot of reason to be excited about this weekend if you’re a Chicago fan.

Derrick Rose pulled out of the Skills Contest, which had to be one of the main pulls for Bulls fans to make an appearance.

The Slam Dunk Contest had potential to be so much more than it will be, with an aging Dwight Howard making a comeback to an event he shined in years ago. Not to mention, the last guy to round out the contest could have been either Ja Morant or Zach LaVine — paired with Derrick Jones Jr. of the Miami Heat and Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic.

That would have been a blast to watch.

Yet, it’s Pat Connaughton of the Milwaukee Bucks to commit as the fourth and final participant.


The All Star Game is not going to put the very best 25 players on the floor. If it did, then a guy like LaVine certainly would have gotten in over Kyle Lowry. Sure, LaVine still gets to take part in the 3-Point Contest, which is good for him. He gets to show a different side of his game rather than being known as a dunker.

But, there is no Coby White in the Rising Stars Challenge. For some reason, the no. 7 overall pick and a kid playing for the hometown team doesn’t get in.

To top it all off, the Bulls simply stink as an organization. From the top on down, the Bulls are pitiful. Gar Forman and John Paxson are laughed at. Players don’t want to come to Chicago as free agents. They see zero chance of winning.

Until something is done with the front office, the Bulls will be stuck with an incompetent Jim Boylen as their head coach and two clowns running the show at the top.

This year’s All Star Weekend is an embarrassment to the city of Chicago. The Bulls are an embarrassment to the entire league. Fans deserve better than this.