Chicago Bears Free Agency: 5 players team must re-sign

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Pace
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There are a handful of free agents the Chicago Bears must re-sign before they dive into the pool from other teams.

Believe me when I say this is arguably the most important offseason for general manager Ryan Pace in his tenure with the Chicago Bears. Fans have been here for the sunshine and rainbows, and we have also witnessed the blunders.

This offseason, we are not going to see Pace go after guys like he did two years ago when he brought in Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, etc. The Bears are strapped for cash, so Pace has his work cut out for him.

At the same time, Pace cannot afford to whiff like he did with a player like Mike Glennon. The Bears have needs. Oh, they have needs. But, Pace is going to have to get creative.

It’s time to be smart. Cut ties with the guys the Bears can live without. Bring back the players Chicago cannot afford to lose — yet, at the same time, ensure they are affordable.

By now, you realize the writing is probably on the walls for players like Taylor Gabriel and Prince Amukamara. Will Pace choose to move on from those two? How about Leonard Floyd?

Bring back the focus to the players this roster can’t afford to see signed elsewhere. This roster has a ton of talent under contract, and very well could make a Super Bowl run if they get the kind of play they need from their quarterback. But, the supporting cast is crucial, too.

Ideally, the Bears should bring back the following five players if they can open up a little more cap space.