Chicago Bears Free Agency: 3 players to avoid signing

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Chicago Bears, Jadeveon Clowney
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Outside Linebacker Jadeveon Clowney

The Bears very well may move on from Leonard Floyd, and I am not opposed to it. However, finding his replacement could be tricky. One big name to watch this offseason is Seattle Seahawks pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

After being dealt to the Seahawks last year, some believed Clowney would put that defense over the top. Instead, Clowney finished with the worst year of his career, statistically speaking — not counting his rookie campaign where he played in just four games.

Clowney only managed seven tackles for loss and a measly 3.0 sacks in 2019.

Do you know who else totaled 3.0 sacks in 2019? Yep, you guessed it — Floyd.

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Why would the Bears want to cut one guy, only to bring in arguably the same type of player? Not to mention, Clowney has become a liability in terms of penalties and his style of play. There have been a few times over the last year or two where you could have labeled a particular play as a “dirty” one.

Although his production was limited last year, Clowney is likely still in for a pricey contract. That’s not what the Bears should be looking for. If anything, signing a medium-level contract and drafting another edge rusher to compete would be a much better option.

Plus, once again, one of the last things I want to see is the Bears bring in a guy with an attitude who plays dirty.