Chicago Bears Free Agency: 3 players to avoid signing

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears will have a lot of options in free agency, but they should be careful.

Now that the season is over, fans are getting excited and prepped for the NFL free agency period. Whether or not your team has money, right now, anything could happen. For the Chicago Bears, that’s exactly where they stand.

General manager Ryan Pace doesn’t have a ton of cash, but that’s going to change. If you hadn’t suspected Pace to make a few cuts prior to free agency starting, think again. They’re coming, and I would assume we see a minimum of three notable names let loose.

The Bears are going to have to be picky when it comes to their offseason additions. This roster looked every bit of a Super Bowl contender a year ago, but little did we know, they would falter more than we ever would have expected.

There are holes in this roster — big ones. But, do not confuse a roster hole with a roster weakness.

For example, the Bears have a huge weakness at quarterback. It’s blatantly obvious that Mitchell Trubisky is not panning out as expected. But, should quarterback be considered a hole for the Bears? That’s debatable.

The Bears need a starting guard — that’s a hole. Since Kyle Long retired, and there are no true replacement candidates, Chicago has to find one. They have a starting quarterback, but they do not have a second starting guard.

Would it be nice if both issues could be fixed in one offseason? Of course. But, again, remember the limited cash Pace has to work with. After a few calculated cuts, the Bears might have between $25-$30 million in cap space — more could be had if current contracts were either re-worked or extended.

Now, on to a few key free agents the Bears should steer clear from.

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