Chicago Bears: Cam Newton trade packages, plus the fallout

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Trade Package No. 1

The Chicago Bears need a quarterback. They have a defense who has a certain window to win. That time to win is now but they can’t get it done with just a good defense. They need to score some points in order to do all of this winning, but with Mitchell Trubisky, it might not be possible. That is why they need to get a guy like Cam Newton in the fold to try and help them win football games.

They would be smart to move some solid draft capital in order to get Newton. A second-round pick is a big deal in the NFL, so giving one up would tell you that the Bears mean business.

They have two second-round picks and trading one for Newton might be the way to get it done. The Panthers would be adding an extra draft asset while the Bears improve at the most critical position in all of football.

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Another positive to this deal for Carolina is they will just simply be shedding Newton’s contract without taking back any money.

The Bears will likely be shedding some salary along with allowing some of their own free agents to go this offseason, so adding a big-time contract at the position of need would be doable.

This is something that helps out both teams in the end. Carolina would be able to draft another young player to try and build around while the Bears have a chance to better their offense.