Chicago Blackhawks: Can’t give young player to move Seabrook

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The Chicago Blackhawks would not be wise to give up on a young player to get another team to take on Brent Seabrook’s contract.

The Chicago Blackhawks might see Brent Seabrook as a player that no longer has anything left to give them. That may be true but they would be foolish to pair a good young player with him in a trade just to sweeten it for whoever takes him. They are the type of team right now that needs to be hanging on to all of their young players at all costs. Unless they would be getting something incredible in return it just wouldn’t be a great idea.

They have been burned by this very idea in the past. There are a few different instances in recent memory where they paired a good young player to get rid of someone else. The most notable one is the trade they made with the Carolina Hurricanes in the summer of 2016. They gave a 21-year-old Teuvo Teravainen to the Hurricanes so they would take on Bryan Bickell‘s contract.

That trade is not looking good because Teravainen is now one of the best players in the National Hockey League on a deal that is team-friendly based on his production. He currently leads a very deep Hurricanes team with nine goals and 34 assists for 43 points in 46 games. He is also very good in his own zone. He helps generate offense while being one of the more responsible forwards in the game.

There are also some other bad trades of this nature over the past few years as well. They gave up on Vinnie Hinostroza so that the Arizona Coyotes would take on Marian Hossa‘s dead cap money. Vinnie is now over in Arizona having some success in a depth role.

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Giving up on young players just to get rid of bad contracts almost never works out. There are other ways to deal with those bad contracts that players don’t live up to. Hopefully, the Blackhawks are able to figure this issue out without having to give up anyone who could be a strong piece to their future. They would be a much better team with Teravainen, Danault, and Hinostroza on the team right now so they can’t let those happen again.