Chicago Blackhawks: Three players they should trade before deadline

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Chicago Blackhawks Brandon Saad
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Brandon Saad. 3. player. 94. . LW. Chicago Blackhawks

Brandon Saad‘s time in Chicago has been very up and down. He won the Stanley Cup with them in 2013 and 2015. Then that summer in 2015, they traded him to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Then two years after that, they traded Artemi Panarin to Columbus to get Saad back. Both trades, you can argue, were not good for Chicago. With all of that said, they might be able to get a really nice future asset for Saad if they do it now.

Saad currently has the rest of this year and all of next year on his contract at six million dollars. He is a very good player that a team would be able to have for the rest of this season and all of next. If a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins or Washington Capitals needed a top-six winger to complement their elite group of centers, Saad could be their guy.

He might even garner a nice return for Chicago if they do decide to move him. It would be a move that is on the bold side because the fans do love Saad. It would just make sense to do it for the Blackhawks if they can find the right deal. He is currently on injured reserve but it shouldn’t last much longer. He has 11 goals and eight assists for 19 points in 36 games played this year. He is also a fantastic defensive winger to go with his goal-scoring ability. The Blackhawks also have more shots for than against when Saad is on the ice as his CorsiFor is at 52.5 percent.

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The Hawks might decide to move one or two, all, or none of these guys. It sort of depends on how they play from now until the trade deadline but they would need to go on one of those magical runs in order to make it to the playoffs this Spring. It is never fun when the team is sellers instead of buyers but that is just the way it is this year.