Chicago Blackhawks: Three players they should trade before deadline

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Chicago Blackhawks Erik Gustafsson
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2. player. 94. . D. Chicago Blackhawks. Erik Gustafsson

Erik Gustafsson might be one of the biggest teases in Chicago Blackhawks history. He has some serious offensive talent at times but he isn’t very good in his own end. He is also not having the best year offensively which almost gives him no value to a team like the Chicago Blackhawks. They are a team that needs to score goals in order to win and if Gustafsson isn’t helping them out with that he is of no use.

He could, however, go to another team with a lot more depth on the blue line and shine. If he was a fifth or sixth defenseman on a team then he would absolutely thrive. He had 17 goals and 43 assists for 60 points in 2018-19 which is no joke. Those points from defensemen don’t grow on trees so there is definitely talent there. If he was on one of those dynasty Blackhawks teams then he might fit right in but he is running out of time here.

If a team needs help on either of their power-play units headed into the playoffs, then Gustafsson might be the perfect fit for them. He is 27-years-old so he also fits the window of a contender quite well. The Hawks might not be able to get exactly what they could have gotten for him in the summer after his 60 point year but it could still be decent. If they are able to get a nice draft pick for him that would be totally worth it.