Chicago Bears: Tom Brady fits the window to win perfectly

The Chicago Bears need help at the quarterback position and the greatest of all time might be there looking for a new home.

The Chicago Bears and their quarterback issues are well known and discussed often. There is a lot of talks wondering exactly what the Bears are going to do with their quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. They took him with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft so there were clearly some high hopes for him but he just simply isn’t the guy right now. He might be in the future but for now, you can’t assume that when the team’s window to win is now.

A good option for that window is 42-year-old Tom Brady. He is widely considered by anyone with competent football knowledge as the best quarterback who ever lived. He has won the Super Bowl six times and appeared in another three, all with the New England Patriots. He is a 14 time Pro Bowl quarterback and has been given NFL MVP honors three times. He is clearly the best to ever do it and even at the ripe age of 43 come opening day, he would be a solid option for the Bears in 2020.

There was some speculation about Tom retiring after a disappointing defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Titans last week. He made it clear with a lengthy Instagram post that he was going to be back in 2020 and beyond because he “still has something to prove”.  He certainly isn’t the best in the league anymore like he was in his prime but he is still a very good quarterback. One thing that is for sure is that he still the best option the Bears have if he was willing to come.

The Bears have a special defense. They didn’t force turnovers in 2019 like they did in 2018 but they were on the field a whole lot more because of an inept offense. They were also the fourth-best defense in terms of points allowed.  If a guy like Tom came in and kept the defense off the field more, they could get back to the way they were in 2018. They have elite players on that side of the ball like Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, and Eddie Jackson that would all benefit from a little bit less of a workload.

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Brady coming to the Bears would fit the window perfectly. He probably would want one or two more years to prove that he can be a winner outside of New England. The Bears window with this defense fits that timeline perfectly. It isn’t going to be elite for long so they need to take advantage while it is. He would bring so much confidence to this entire group. As long as everyone does their job, then adding Tom Brady would make this team a real Super Bowl contender. It would take a gutsy move by Ryan Pace to get this done but it would be amazing for the Bears chance to end the Super Bowl drought.

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