Chicago Bears: Closing remarks for disappointing 2019 season

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7. Failed to find consistency on both sides of the ball

The Chicago Bears missing the playoffs in 2019 doesn’t mean their players are bad. Some of it has to do with their lack of being consistent. That starts with the coaching and trickles down to the players. The team was a mess, even in games they won. There were a few games they won that felt like a loss.

It needs to start with firing Mark Helfrich and Dave Ragone. Matt Nagy needs to go out and find an offensive coordinator and quarterback coach that can use Mitchell Trubisky’s strengths to their benefit. That offensive coordinator also needs to call plays. Nagy’s play-calling was very inconsistent. He was all over the place.

Nagy abandoned the run too much in 2019. If he had someone else calling plays, that might not happen. He called plays well during the third quarter of most games but the other three were bad. So, he shows moments where he can be a successful play-caller but then he shows why he needs someone else to call plays.

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Adding a veteran coordinator for Nagy benefits him if anything. He can learn more about being a head coach and become a better coach from that. A guy like Pat Shurmur might be a good fit in Chicago. His time as the Giants’ head coach wasn’t memorable but he help Nagy learn a lot.

Trubisky also needs to be consistent. He has to find a way to put a full successful season together. There can’t be a slow start in 2020, the team needs to get going fast. Consistency can start with Trubisky and his receivers working together in the offseason to get better. Trubisky needs a play-caller that will use David Montgomery to his full potential. That will make Trubisky a better quarterback.

If the offense can be consistent throughout the season, 2020 will be a playoff year. It will be a different story than 2019 was. The tempo of the team and the inconsistency of the offense cause a lot of problems for this team. The biggest thing they can do is learn from missing the playoffs and becoming better for the future.

On the defensive side of the ball, they can’t break anymore. They have skilled players and if they’re healthy for the most part, this team is a top-five defense. I would find a new defensive coordinator who is like Vic Fangio. They switched up the whole defense in 2019 when they started a new scheme after losing Fangio. They have to go back to what works in 2020.

The last thing is, kicking. If Pineiro is the kicker Week 1, 2020, he needs to be more consistent. He did play well for most of the season but he had some off games where he was bad. He wasn’t Cody Parkey bad so I’ll give him a break. The cool thing the Bears started the season with an Eddy Pineiro field goal and ended it with a Pinerio game-winning field goal.

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There’s a lot of things to learn from in the offseason but finishing 8-8 isn’t a ‘losing-year’. Missing the playoffs could be good for the future of the team. They might have needed a season like that to see the problems. If they can fix their problems, 2020 will be an exciting season.