Chicago Bears: Closing remarks for disappointing 2019 season

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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The Chicago Bears came into 2019 with Super Bowl aspirations. Somewhere down the line, they fell apart and made 2019 a season to forget.

1. Mitchell Trubisky started to grow after his early struggles.

Whether people want to admit it or not, Chicago Bears‘ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky did grow as a player in 2019. He started off slow, not throwing a touchdown in five of the first seven games. During that time, he was 3-4 as a starter and only had five passing touchdowns.

The growth came from his adversity. He wasn’t playing well enough to win games and fans wanted him out of Chicago. As soon as he started playing better, things around the team got better. He wasn’t 2018 Trubisky but he showed flashes of greatness this season.

If Trubisky can put a full-season of success together, he will be a solid quarterback for years to come. The problem is, we don’t have the time to wait anymore. This year was a setback for Trubisky and the Bears’ offense. Everyone played their role, so it’s not all him. The team needs to fix a lot of things in the offseason.

The best way for Trubisky to put a full season together starts in the offseason. Matt Nagy and Trubisky have to get together and figure out a game plan. Allen Robinson and the other receivers and running backs need to meet up with Trubisky in the offseason to work out together. The more work Trubisky puts in with his offense, the better.

A lot of successful quarterbacks get together in the offseason with their receivers. I know Trubisky and Robinson worked out during the offseason last year. It’s time to add everyone who is willing to get better. This team has a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. For them to grow together and get better, it will take a lot of work.

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Going into year four, Trubisky will have played 41 games as a starter. Let’s forget about his 12 starts as a rookie. The 19 starts he has had with Nagy in the regular season are what counts. He only started 13 games in college. If we’re looking at Trubisky from afar, that’s not a lot of football.

Experts have said you know everything you need to know about a quarterback after Year 3. Under Nagy, next year is ‘Year 3’. 2019 might have just been a Sophomore slump for Trubisky. That happens with guys. Trubisky still is pretty green and has time to learn. In the offseason, he needs to mold himself into the solid quarterback he can become.

2020 is his last shot at something. If he can’t put it together in 2020, he will never be able to in Chicago. It isn’t all Trubisky. A lot of it has to fall on Coach Nagy too. His play-calling is terrible. They’re not getting everything they can out of Trubisky. The way to do that is to create an offense centered around his strengths.

Another thing, Trubisky needs to play in the preseason. In 2018 and 2019, the team started off slow on offense because they didn’t play together during the preseason. It’s just something many people have wondered about. Is that the fix to the slow starts? Hopefully, we get the answer in 2020.