Cubs: 2019 was still a glory year for the Chicago Cubs

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2019 was a rough year for the Chicago Cubs. Here’s why it was still a glory year for the North Side.

At the end of each calendar year, one cannot help but reminisce and reflect on the last twelve months. It can evoke a number of emotions, from nostalgia to pain, from anger to happiness.

As we approach the end of the year and decade (holy cow), there’s a lot of things to think about from a Chicago Cubs fan’s perspective.

The 2010s brought a roller coaster of emotions to Cubs fans. The decade began with the Cubs losing increasingly more and more games, ultimately peaking in a miserable season of 101 losses.

All of that pain and suffering of 101 losses and 108 years finally paid off in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Much like the decade as a whole, 2019 itself was a roller coaster of emotions and ups and downs. Though it ultimately ended in a second consecutive season of disappointment at the end of September, it was in reality a glory year for the Cubs.

Yes, that’s right. 2019 was a glory year.

Look, it’s easy for Cubs fans to demand a championship right now. In fact, it’s easy to argue that the club should have been in the playoffs and could have contended for a World Series. It’s even true that 2019 was a disappointing season.

But all that being said, this season is something that Cubs fans have dreamed of for years.

The team was in first place for 96 days. They were in playoff contention all the way until September 25.

The Cubbies also won 51 games at Wrigley for the second year in a row. They swept the hated Cardinals in a pivotal mid-season series at Wrigley to remain in first place.

Let’s not act like 2012 you wouldn’t have sacrificed a

May we remind you that until 2015, the Cubs had won nine playoff GAMES since World War II? They’ve now won six SERIES since 2015, including the Wild Card Game in ’15. They won more postseason games than that in 2016 alone.

This current run for the Cubs has seen them win a total of 19 playoff games.

After the Cubs won their most reason World Series until 2016 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers in the 1908 Fall Classic, the Cubs only won a total of 18 playoff games.

Let that sink in.

19 playoff wins with this crew between 2015-17 and only 18 playoff wins from 1909-2014.

Look, we’re not implying that fans shouldn’t be upset at the result of last season. But it’s important to remember that there’s a good chance that in just a couple of years, the club will be in the middle of a rebuild.

2019 was the epitome of what a rebuild is meant to allow. Even if it may result in a championship, it’s all about getting a team to the point of contention and then letting the front office do their job to put the final pieces in place for that coveted championship.

That’s where the Cubs at now. They are still a contender and in a solid spot to make the appropriate tweaks to the team to get them to World Series contention.

And now they get to do that without the thorn of Addison Russell in their side.

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You don’t really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Let’s just savor these years of contention and a lovable Cubs core while we have it.

Now if spring training could hurry up and get here, that’d be great. The offseason isn’t exactly glory time for Cubs fans.