Bulls: Three biggest disappointments so far this season

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Disappointment #3: The Bulls defense

As Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle once said: “I expect nothing, and I’m still let down.” No one was expecting good defense from this Bulls team, it was probably the roster’s biggest weakness.

What’s taken place so far this season on the defensive side of the ball is much worse than expected, and a lot of it leads right back to Boylen. His unwillingness to change his defensive scheme is destroying this team.

Players are forced to play this aggressive style that Boylen installed, and their opponents know exactly what’s coming. That’s exactly how teams that struggled to score all year like the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Bulls.

Even if the defensive strategy is nonexistent, there is an effort issue for some Bulls players on defense. LaVine is known for his poor defense and lack of effort. If he wants fans to stop complaining about his defense, he needs to at least try.

There need to be extreme changes made for this franchise, and that starts at the top. To me, the only way to truly fix this team is for team president Michael Reinsdorf and his father to finally clean house in both the front office and coaching staff.

The Reinsdorfs are both said to be extremely loyal to longtime employees of the Bulls and Chicago White Sox, but how far can that go? This team is clearly in crisis and in urgent need of a shakeup.

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Who knows when that change will come? Until there’s major turnover at the top of this organization, the Bulls will continue to disappoint.