Bears: Mitchell Trubisky starts vs Giants to potentially save his job

The Chicago Bears are going to use Mitchell Trubisky on Sunday against the New York Giants which is a strange development.

This game vs the New York Giants is a big one for Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears. They aren’t going to the playoffs but they still have a lot to play for with six games left. These games are going to be how the management team decides what actions they should take moving forward. Trubisky’s job security for the rest of the season and beyond is in jeopardy so this game is so important to him.

He is getting the start after leaving the game last Sunday night due to a mysterious hip injury. It is sort of strange as there are people out there who believe that he was taken out for his performance despite what the Bears were saying it way. It is dangerous to question the health of professional athletes but something definitely doesn’t feel right in this situation.

The New York Giants are not a good team. In fact, they are one of the worst teams in the National Football League. If Trubisky and this offense can’t do a bit of damage to them then they will not do anything against anyone. The Giants are2-8 for a reason. That reason is that they are bad and clearly looking towards the future. That doesn’t mean that the Bears should take them lightly because they will lose if they do, but they clearly have more talent than them in all areas.

This has been a disappointing season for both Trubisky and the Bears as a whole so this is a chance to at least play well in front of the home crowd. If Trubisky is bad then there is a good chance that this is his last game in favor of benching him. The two options behind him in Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray are not better options but there is no certainty to anything right now.

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If Mitch wants to be the quarterback for the remainder of the season for the Chicago Bears, this is a big game for him. People can go back and forth about the job security of Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace but the bottom line is you will not play well as a unit if the quarterback cannot get it done.

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