Bears: Jim Harbaugh’s success with Alex Smith could fix Trubisky

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy’s stubbornness has turned into ruining Mitchell Trubisky. If Nagy is fired, Jim Harbaugh could fix Trubisky and this team.

At 4-6, the Chicago Bears really have nothing to gain from this lost season. The best they can do is trying to win games to keep Oakland from getting a top-10 draft pick. Matt Nagy’s coach of the year season turned into nothing. Nagy really stole that award from the NFL. Here’s a take that hasn’t been explored. Fire Nagy; hire Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

Jim Harbaugh is a former Chicago Bears quarterback with a coaching background. He coached the San Fransisco 49ers from 2011-2014. During those four seasons, the 49ers went to three straight NFC Championship games. Harbaugh has a record of 44-19-1 during his 64 regular games as an NFL coach. In the playoffs, he is 5-3 with one Super Bowl appearance.

The former Bears’ quarterback knows a thing or two about fixing struggling careers. He played for four different teams, finding his most success in Chicago. He knows what Mitchell Trubisky is going through right now. Harbaugh never had a season as successful as Trubisky’s 2018 season, but the game was different when he played.

During his first two seasons as the Bears’ starting quarterback, Harbaugh threw only 25 touchdowns. He had a 21-9 record as a starter during those two seasons. After two playoff seasons, Harbaugh couldn’t find the same success he had before.

That brings us to Trubisky. Last year, Trubisky had a record of 11-3 during the regular season. He threw 24 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions. Those numbers are better than Harbaugh but it gives us perspective. After a solid season, Trubisky has dropped to one of the worst-rated passers of all-time during a single season. Some it has to do with play-calling, the rest comes to his mechanics and self-belief.

If the Bears didn’t lose to the Packers Week 1, Trubisky’s season would be totally different. That loss demoralized him. I think the interception to seal the game accompanied by getting booed off the field sent him into a spiral.

The rest of the season has been terrible. Trubisky has thrown only nine touchdowns. The touchdowns have all come in four different games. Nagy hasn’t been great towards him either. Instead of helping boost his confidence, he has proven he doesn’t want Trubisky as his starter. Benching him during Sunday’s loss to the Rams proved it.

This season has shown that a Nagy-Trubisky relationship isn’t going to work out. One of them will be gone to start the 2020 season. I personally don’t think Nagy is a head coach. The way he handles players during pre-season, in-game adjustments, play-calling, and everything in-between has proven that. That gives Ryan Pace the option, does he get rid of Trubisky or Nagy.

The answer is Nagy. Pace needs to look elsewhere before he gets himself fired. Bringing in Harbaugh for an interview won’t hurt the Bears. He knows exactly what Trubisky is going through. He knows the Chicago media. He knows the quarterback position at the NFL level.

In one season, Harbaugh turned Alex Smith’s bust of a career into a pro-bowl career. Smith and Trubisky are very similar quarterbacks. Harbaugh got the best out of both Smith and Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick, without Harbaugh, was a complete mess.

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Smith became a beloved quarterback under Harbaugh. I believe the same thing could happen to Trubisky. Both players are similar, both players need a coach like Harbaugh. Matt Nagy is no Jim Harbaugh. It probably won’t happen but if it does, expect a new Trubisky.

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