Bears: Pathetic showing in loss to Los Angeles Rams

The Chicago Bears lost to the Los Angeles Rams and their season is all but over. This was their final chance to get on a run and now it’s over.

The Chicago Bears had a pathetic showing in front of the entire country on Sunday Night Football. A final score of 17-7 in favor of the Los Angeles Rams pretty much seals the fate of the 2019 Chicago Bears season. It was a season that had Super Bowl level expectations going in but at 4-6 they are all but done. Even if they were to somehow in out and be 10-6 that still wouldn’t be enough to make it to the playoffs so the season is over relative to that.

Mitchell Trubisky, Matt Nagy, and the entire offense was pathetic in this game and got absolutely nothing for the team. Eddie Pineiro missed two field goals that could have also turned the tide of the game. They were not opportunistic in any way, shape, or form. This is a team that is getting what they deserve and it is not fun to watch as a fan.

Trubisky was benched in the final few minutes. The team claims that it was due to an injury but there is a reason to not necessarily buy that claim. This team has turned into a joke and it is embarrassing that the entire team was embarrassed on national television. They have some more scheduled games on NBC but hopefully, the networks will have mercy on them and flex in some more deserving matchups.

The defense was really good in this game as they held the Rams offense to 17 points. 7 of those points were thanks to a late touchdown to put the game away by Los Angeles. They had some turnovers that led to opportunities for the offense as well, but no dice. A team that is playoff bound capitalizes on the turnovers that they create but the Bears were unable to do so.

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It is very sad that this is what the season has come to but it is what it is. The rest of the season is entirely about seeing what they have. It is depressing that this is what it has come to. Last season was so promising but they were not able to put it together this year. Hopefully, this season is a one-off and they are able to correct the issues over the offseason. Their next game comes at home against the New York Giants on Sunday.

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