Bears vs. Rams: 3 crucial matchups to watch for Chicago

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Chicago Bears, Jared Goff

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In a crucial primetime matchup against the Los Angeles Rams, the Chicago Bears have to take care of business.

At 4-5, it is going to be a long road to the playoffs. These aren’t exactly the Chicago Bears we envisioned at the beginning of the season. But, this is where we are. The Bears are a mediocre team, record-wise, and have some ground to make up.

Sunday night may seem like somewhat of a tough matchup, but believe me, the Bears will see even tougher ones down the stretch. Before we can even look forward to games against the Chiefs, Packers and Vikings, we have to hope for the best against the Rams on Sunday night.

Last week against an injury-ridden Detroit Lions team, the Bears came away with the victory, and that’s all that matters. Mitchell Trubisky finally had a signature game (unless you count the Redskins) in 2019 and fans are praying for more of the same tomorrow night.

The Rams are 5-4 and also on the outside looking in at the NFC playoff picture. Both the Bears and Rams seem to have the toughest divisions in football this year, with Los Angeles looking up at the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, each with eight wins.

This game is going to be huge in terms of down-the-stretch playoff forecasting, with a potential head-to-head tiebreaker coming into play. For the Bears to come away victorious, Trubisky has to play well. There’s no question about that. But, there are a few other matchups within this game that have to be won by Chicago.

Aside from the obvious in Trubisky, and Khalil Mack against the Rams offensive line, the following matchups will be crucial if Chicago is to win.

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