Notre Dame Football: Irish are 15 in first CFB Rankings Show

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team isn’t going to the College Football Playoff for the second straight year and this ranking solidifies that.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team were ranked by the College Football Selection Committee on Tuesday night but not high enough to allow the Irish a real chance at being in the top four when the season is over. When they make their final selections, the Irish will likely be around the same spot.

The committee uses a lot of different things in their criteria to determine their rankings. They use things like strength of schedule, performance week to week, conference championships, and head to head records to help determine their rankings. Unfortunately for the Irish, those things don’t weigh in their favor this year.

The rankings are almost never as consistent as you would think it is but right now there isn’t much complaining about these rankings — especially from the Irish who have no one to blame but themselves.  There is still a lot of football left to be played so we will see how things shake out.

In no particular order, people expected Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Penn State, and Clemson to be the top 5. Georgia is also one of the elite teams in the country as well and they came in at number six. Georgia had an ugly loss at home to South Carolina which really made things difficult for them but if they win the SEC then they have a chance. Georgia beat the Irish in Athens back in September by a final score of 23-17.

That loss Notre Dame had to Georgia combined with a big 14-45 loss to Michigan really sealed the Irish’s fate of not being in the top four this year. They also don’t have a conference to try and win so that means they basically have to go undefeated in order to make it. They did go undefeated in 2018 which allowed them to be in the College Football Playoff, but that is not going to happen this year.

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With only four games remaining against all unranked teams it is really hard to see them getting any higher of a ranking as the season winds down. It was a decent year for them but they definitely failed to win the two big games on their schedule to give themselves a chance.

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