Bulls: What you should takeaway from Anthony Davis’ comments

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis made some interesting comments about possibly playing for the Chicago Bulls. So what does it mean?

The Chicago Bulls are . . . well . . . being the Chicago Bulls. That is to say, they are both wildly underachieving and disappointing while being led by a head coach who seems out of touch with just about everything.

This dysfunction has led to the Bulls having a top-10 pick in the NBA Draft the last two years. While they have put together a seemingly good, young nucleus of players, the on-the-court results haven’t followed.

This same dysfunction has also made it very difficult for the Bulls to land a high profile free agent which could very well accelerate the rebuild, along with the development of some of the younger players.

Each year the Bulls are not a serious player for any of the game-changers, despite fans holding out hope. One player in particular that fans have swooned over recently is pending free agent to be, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers.

A native of Chicago, Davis is the type of player that would instantly elevate the play and profile of the Bulls’ franchise, and will certainly be one of the most coveted free agents this offseason. Could the hometown team be in the mix for his services?

While speaking at an event in Chicago, Davis was asked about the possibility of playing for his hometown team. Davis did not dismiss the idea, instead noting he will be a free agent next year before adding “we will see.”

So what does it mean? Should fans begin to get their hopes up? Unless you enjoy being thoroughly disappointed, I’d suggest pumping the brakes on any delusions that Davis will sign in Chicago.

First, Davis clearly has a soft spot in his heart for Chicago, so it’s unlikely that he would dismiss the idea entirely out of respect for the city and its fan base. Essentially, he was being “polite.”

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Second, so long as the Bulls are run by an owner only concerned with squeezing every dollar he can out of the fans, a management team lost in the sauce, and a head coach who mistakenly believes it’s 1989, the reality is free agents will continue to take a hard pass on Chicago as a legit destination.