Chicago Bulls: 3 ways team could surprise in 2019-2020

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Chicago Bulls, Wendell Carter Jr.

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

With the 2019-2020 NBA season just around the corner, we ask the question, could the Chicago Bulls surprise us this year?

Think back to the last Christmas morning you woke up as a kid and knew exactly what you were getting. Remember how excited you were, knowing that the item which was at the top of your list was wrapped up in shiny paper right in front of you, and you were about to rip that sucker open.

Now, think about how that scenario would have gone if you had opened up that gift, only to your surprise, it was season tickets to the 2019-2020 Chicago Bulls.

You want to be excited. You even act excited. Part of you is, in fact, excited. But, the other part of you, being a Bulls fan, feels like you were just served a delicious spaghetti dinner, covered in anchovies.

You could pick and choose parts that you’d find delicious, but in the end, the anchovies ruin it as a whole.

That’s how it feels to be a Bulls fan as of late.

We want to be excited. We want to have hope. We want to see the potential. But, in the end, we still know the guys running the organization — and that ruins the whole thing.

Nonetheless, we have hope. We wish for pleasant surprises. We desire for this team to surprise us positively. We build them up in our head and on paper, and we truly see them doing something positive this year — am I right?

I’m here to say, you’re not alone. I do the same thing every year. I want to have hope. I want to stay positive. I want to be pleasantly surprised. So, how could this team surprise us in 2019-2020? Could we be surprised in a good way? Could it potentially turn sour?

These are three potential surprises the Bulls could have for us this season, with the majority being positive.

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