Chicago Bears: Potential solution to quarterback problem available

The Chicago Bears quarterback situation is unstable on all levels which means the Bears need to re-evaluate the position.

2019 was supposed to the be the year where the Chicago Bears finally figured out the quarterback position. Besides Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears featured veterans Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray, two guys who were supposed to help Trubisky take the next step.

However, through two games, Trubisky has yet to look like a franchise quarterback, which means the Bears could potentially have a problem on their hands. If Trubisky can’t put it together, the Bears will need to think about replacing him eventually, maybe as soon as 2020.

This is where the recently released Chad Kelly comes into the situation. Considering his legal history and inability to stay on an NFL roster, most would write Kelly off quickly. However, if the Bears are serious about getting the QB position right, then Kelly could potentially be the answer.

Kelly features everything needed to be a successful player in the NFL, he just needs an opportunity to prove that he can be a starter or at least compete for a backup spot. Everywhere he’s gone, he’s either been a third-string quarterback and rarely gotten opportunities. Now, if the Bears are serious about bringing him in, they could find a diamond in the rough.

All Kelly needs is some guidance and that’s exactly what the Bears locker room will provide. There are numerous advantages when it comes to bringing Kelly in. First, the Bears have a young backup they could develop. This would then allow for head coach Matt Nagy to groom a quarterback into the type that is needed to be a starter in the Bears offense.

Second, let’s just say Trubisky does, in fact, put it together. Then the Bears will have a potential trade chip in Kelly. A good backup quarterback is always something that’s rarely available in the NFL and teams would be quick to give up at least a day three draft pick if it meant that they could acquire Kelly.

The bottomline is this: Time is running out for the Bears to figure out whether or not Trubisky is really the answer. The Bears should take a hard look at Kelly considering he could potentially be a starter down the road. This would be a major advantage for the Bears as it’d allow for Nagy to insert a player into the offense that’s spent years learning the system rather than starting all over again with another rookie quarterback.