Chicago Bears: Blatant jab at Eddy Pineiro completely uncalled for

There was a recent jab at Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro regarding his religious beliefs, and it was completely off-base.

I am going to do my best to stay calm and respectful, here. Following an emotional Chicago Bears win on Sunday, kicker Eddy Pineiro became a hero. He was an immediate media attraction. Fans everywhere, who had been longing for a moment like Sunday’s Week 2 victory, were ecstatic.

As he was still on the field, Pineiro caught up with Fox Sports to give a quick interview. The adrenaline was still pumping. Emotions were still high. Pineiro was riding one of the biggest moments of his football life. As he spoke, he said this:

“That was … Like I said, I couldn’t have done it without my team … Thank God that it was to this point … and for everybody listening, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you better start because he’s real. I promise you that.”

He continued to talk about everything he went through in camp and how he made it through. Pineiro was obviously buzzing with excitement. He could hardly form sentences at one point — and justifiably so!

Tuesday morning, a piece was published by an individual clearly out to get Pineiro, and out to start arguments.

The author turned Pineiro’s words into this exact quote:

“Piñeiro’s post-game remarks were a taunt, not an expression of humility.”

Going on, the author continued to misconstrue PIneiro’s comments whilst attempting to translate what the kicker said:

“I made a field goal, therefore Jesus is real and atheists and agnostics should get on board!”

Look, regardless of whether or not you are a person of faith, let me say this: I respect you. I’m sure Pineiro does, too. It shouldn’t matter whether someone holds religious beliefs, or of what sort. We live in a country where we should all learn to respect and love one another. This report coming from The Chicago Tribune, however, does nothing close to justice the term, “respect.”

It’s distasteful, unfortunate and totally takes away from Pineiro’s moment — a moment he earned and deserves.

Whether you are a fan, writer, podcast personality or none of the above — this kind of writing is completely uncalled for and does nothing but continue to divide people.

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Let the kid ride his wave of emotion, have his time in the spotlight and embrace his personal faith which he puts a lot of stock into. You don’t have to like his way of life, beliefs, etc. But, at least give him the respect he (and everyone else in this world) deserves.

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