Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson security blanket for offense

Despite losing in week one, it’s clear that Allen Robinson is a security blanket for the Chicago Bears offense.

Let’s face the facts: The Chicago Bears were the better team in week one but were outplayed on offense. In a season where many expect the Bears offense to shine, the Mitchell Trubisky and the offense didn’t exactly impress. However, if there was a silver lining for the Bears on offense in the loss, it’s the fact that wide receiver Allen Robinson is clearly due for a big year.

In the loss to the Packers, Robinson was targeted 13 times, catching seven passes and totaling 102 receiving yards. He consistently found a way to get open and was able to exploit the Packers secondary.

Now had the Bears playcalling not been so inconsistent, it’s likely that Robinson would’ve had a better game and ended up catching at least a touchdown from Trubisky. However, this wasn’t the case as the Bears had too many mistakes on offense that eventually would derail any chances of moving the ball.

In the future, in addition to figuring out how to get the Bears running game going, there’s one thing the Bears need to do: continuing to feed Robinson the ball. Last year, Robinson spent time getting himself back into game shape because he was recovering from a torn ACL. Additionally, he had just one game where he had 100 or more receiving yards.

However, in just one game in 2019, Robinson has looked the 2015 version of himself that saw him post 1400 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns. Now the question remains to be asked: Can Robinson replicate those numbers he posted during his second year in the NFL?

Yes and no. If Nagy and Trubisky can get the offense figured out, then it’s more than likely that Robinson finished as a top ten wide receiver in the NFL. However, if Nagy and Trubisky continue to falter in terms of calling an offensive gameplan, it’s very likely that one of the people that will suffer the most is Robinson.

For now, the consensus remains clear on Robinson. His performance against the Packers should give fans enough hope that he’s the Bears security blanket on offense and that with the right playcalling, he has everything needed to help take the Bears offense to another level.