Chicago Bulls: Free agency a total failure once again

With NBA free agency underway, it’s clear the Chicago Bulls have failed once again.

The Chicago Bulls are a frustrating team to watch. For a team that is located in the third biggest market in the United States, the Bulls have done nothing but miss out on premier free agents over the last few years.

2019 was no different. When names like Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, and Kahwi Leonard were on the market, the Bulls decided that it would be best to do nothing and just be content with signing Thaddeus Young, Tomas Satoransky, and Luke Kornet.

The reality of each of these moves is that the Bulls view them as just being depth pieces. If the team was serious about adding some real depth pieces, then why not to pursue someone like Kevon Looney, whose impact on defense would actually be noticeable.

When the 2019-2020 NBA regular season begins this fall, Bulls fans will be forced to accept the fact their biggest addition this year was rookie Coby White. While White is viewed as the future starter at point guard, it’s unknown if he’ll really have an immediate impact.

The Bulls should’ve used free agency to do two main things: Add a veteran point guard to the roster and figure out ways to bring in solid depth players. However, instead of doing that, what this team did was sign a few average players that will likely end up playing about 20 minutes a night and be inconsistent.

Every year that NBA free agency gets underway, you’d think that a team like the Bulls would be one of the NBA’s top destinations, especially in 2019. Seriously, if the New York Knicks of all teams were rumored to be players for big names like Durant and Irving, then there’s absolutely zero excuses for the Bulls to not be in that conversation as well.

And unfortunately, it’ll be the same cycle until there’s a new front office in Chicago. Once GarPax are gone, then maybe there’ll finally be some change. However, for now, the Bulls will continue to pick up the leftovers on the market and act like they’ve accomplished something big by signing players who weren’t wanted by their own teams.

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As the NBA offseason continues, the Bulls won’t be making any franchise-altering moves anytime soon. For now, it’s best to just sit back and watch this team continue to disappoint.