Chicago Bulls: 5 free agents to compete with Kris Dunn

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The point guard position has been the biggest weakness for the Chicago Bulls. Who else could they add to go with Coby White?

In just a few days, the Chicago Bulls will have the right to negotiate with this year’s free agents. While that isn’t typically cause for hope, this summer might be just a little bit different — no, really.

The Bulls’ core looks a lot better than it did a year ago following additions of veteran forward Otto Porter and rookie point guard Coby White. Add in Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr., and you have a fairly promising starting five ready to rock and roll this coming season.

The only issue now is the team’s lack of depth. Specifically, the point guard position has been an area of pain over the last couple of years. Aside from White, the Bulls have last year’s starter Kris Dunn, who was acquired as part of the LaVine deal two years ago.

Two years in, and Dunn has yet to prove the front office he is capable of being the point guard of the future. In fact, he’s done quite the opposite. His play over the last two seasons has been underwhelming, to say the least.

Chicago needs a change at the position, and that change began the night of the 2019 NBA Draft. But, something tells me the team isn’t done with said change. I truly don’t believe Dunn should be part of this team going forward, and the Bulls need to find someone to come in and compete with him.

The 2019 class of free agents is rich with point guards; some on the high-end. While I don’t foresee the Bulls landing anyone like D’Angelo Russell or Kemba Walker (they couldn’t, even if they tried), there are some capable backups available which should intrigue the front office.

Let’s take a further look at five point guards that make some sense for the Bulls this summer.