Chicago White Sox: Positives and negatives from Texas series

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The biggest negative is always losing. The White Sox ended the series on a losing streak. Losing is never fun and it is the worst thing in sports. The White Sox aren’t a world beater or an MLB power yet but they will be soon, so the positives outweigh the negatives for the most part but there are things to build on after a series like this.

The pitching was a negative in this one for sure. It was a series that unfortunately didn’t feature Lucas Giolito and that feeling of him not being available shows just how important he has been so far this season. The rest of the staff, for the most part, hasn’t been able to have the same level of impact. Some of these guys are ones you need to grow or simply wait for guys like Michael Kopech and Dylan Cease to arrive on the south side, but the pitching simply has to get better so the White Sox can take advantage of the budding superstars they have.

They had a 4-0 lead in their second game of the series on Saturday, and they failed to hold that lead and lose the game 6-5. That is something that simply cannot happen if you want to be considered a great team. This shows the pitching wasn’t able to hold off the lead that the offense gave them, but it will get better. We would like to think that the 2020 White Sox win games they go up 4-0 in, while the 2018 White Sox barely ever went up 4-0 at all.