Chicago Bulls: 4 free agents front office must avoid

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Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler
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Shooting Guard Jimmy Butler

Once upon a time, Jimmy Butler was a calm, cool and collected kid. He had yet to become even a budding star. As a young player, Butler barely took the floor under Tom Thibodeau. After all, Thibs rarely played rookies.

Butler worked his tail off and kept his mouth closed. He was the epitome of a humble, likable pro athlete.

When Butler’s career began to ascend, so did his ego. Eventually, Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves — a deal I’m sure the Wolves will regret for years to come. Many thought because of Butler’s arrival, the Wolves would become a Western Conference powerhouse.

Not so fast, though. Butler quickly learned that he didn’t agree with how his younger teammates played the game. Not only did he disagree with their style and effort, but he publicly criticized them.

Butler became quite the diva in Minnesota. His attitude was blatantly toxic. I don’t care how he felt about Karl-Anthony Towns or Andrew Wiggins. The way he handled the situation was completely uncalled for.

Butler might be one of the best two-way players in the game. Heck, he might even have a small part of him that wants to go back to Chicago (I doubt it). No matter what people might say or think, there is absolutely nothing in me that wants to see Butler back on the Bulls.

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It wouldn’t make sense financially. it wouldn’t make sense with the current state of the roster. It wouldn’t make sense, period. Some (mainly fans) have tossed around the idea, but it would never happen — and it shouldn’t, either.