Chicago Cubs: 3 Potential trades with the New York Mets

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Chicago Cubs, Jason Vargas
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Trade #2: Cubs acquire left-handed starter Jason Vargas

The Cubs could use another lefty reliever, but is Jason Vargas the right guy because of his starting experience? It may not be a perfect fit, but I believe it could be a good acquisition for the right price.

Vargas is 36 years old, and he’s nearing the end of his journeyman MLB career. While he’s currently in the Mets’ starting rotation, a move to the Cubs would almost certainly mean Vargas would be sent to the bullpen.

Vargas has played for five different MLB teams, and this is his second stint on the Mets. He’s played a vast majority of his career as a starting pitcher, so it would be an interesting change to see him coming out of the bullpen.

I could see Vargas filling a role similar to the one Mike Montgomery has on the team currently as a left-handed long reliever/emergency starting pitcher. I know that Montgomery has done well in that role, but there are other places he could help this team.

Adding a guy like Vargas would give the Cubs flexibility with Montgomery, allowing the team to either move him to middle relief for high-pressure situations against left-handed hitters or into the starting rotation barring a serious injury.

Vargas could also be added to the rotation in the case of injury and would provide the team with a great veteran presence in the locker room. However, it’s only worth it to acquire a player like him for a low price.

I think the Mets would be more than willing to trade Vargas, especially because he’s struggled with injuries this season. He’s actually set to return to the starting rotation during this series in Chicago.