Chicago Bulls: Potential trades with bad contracts, draft picks

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Trade No. 4

Ah, yes. There is apparently trouble in paradise, as they say (in this instance, Houston is paradise, I suppose).

The relationship between James Harden (point guard, technically) and Chris Paul (also a point guard) is reportedly unrepairable. The Houston Rockets also have a big, big problem when it comes to dollars.

Paul still has a ridiculous amount of money owed to him, and the Rockets don’t want to pay up. Paul has to find a new home, and quickly, or the Rockets are stuck with trying to sort this all out. So, what’s my solution? Send Zach LaVine to Houston, obviously.

I understand this might be absolutely crazy on one hand. The Bulls are trading a young player coming off his best season yet as a pro. Not only that, but they are also taking on an aging point guard, clearly out of his prime, who is still due over $38 million this season, $41 million next season, and $44 million the year after that.

It sounds maddening, doesn’t it?

But, if the Bulls really do want to try and move LaVine, now is the time. The Rockets seem desperate to shed Paul’s salary, so I have come up with a deal that screams such an emotion.

Chicago nets two first round picks along with Paul, while giving up LaVine, Felicio and a future second rounder.

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Rockets fans are probably laughing right now. But, I’ve got news for all of you: It’s your franchise that decided to hand out such a laughable deal to a point guard who will be 37 years old when the final year rolls around.