Chicago Bulls: Pre-NBA Draft offseason primer, hype manual

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I said there’s a lot to say about trades, here are the best of the rest:

Chris Paul: Hard pass. I have no clue how the rumor started. No one in their right mind(s) will make a move for him. With that contract, I don’t even know what a deal that nets the Bulls CP3 looks like. Paul has suffered some bad injuries in the last couple of seasons, so why would things be any different in Chicago? Next question.

Josh Jackson: The Suns have started the preliminary stages on moving on from Jackson after his most recent off-court incident. Chicago was interested in making a deal to get him back in 2017. He was a target at pick four if they dealt Jimmy Butler (more on him later) to Phoenix in that year’s draft. Now is this a move worth making?

Possibly. Jackson showed a semblance of a jump shot last year and is a plus wing defender with position versatility. What would it take to get him? The seventh pick, bare-minimum, you’d think. Possibly less given the nature of his stock. I’m sure the Suns would like Dunn included in any deal in their 45th attempt to fix the point guard position since Steve Nash retired.

Bulls: 3 summer blockbuster trades. light. Hot

Goran Dragic: This probably isn’t going to even make it past the embryo stages of any trade talks, but Dragic fits the veteran mold at point guard if the Bulls are willing to take on the $19 million he’s owed this year. He’s getting up there in age, as he recently turned 33, and his durability is a tad concerning (only suited up 36 times last year).

But if the team whiffs on free agents, maybe they do the Miami Heat a solid and accelerate their rebuild by absorbing Dragic for a season. At the very least, you finally have a playoff-tested veteran presence in the backcourt, who can be a stopgap for the season.

His career 13.7 points and 4.8 assists aren’t great but aren’t terrible. He could be a mid-season trade target when Chicago is already phoning in the year and playoff teams come calling.