Chicago Bulls: Pre-NBA Draft offseason primer, hype manual

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If Garland goes in the first six selections, all is not lost.

Coby White is about as intriguing of a prospect as anyone in this draft (and not because of that fire afro). The Tarheel product was an instant lightning rod in his lone season at Chapel Hill, tallying 16.1 points and 4.1 assists with a 42.3% shooting clip (35.3% from range). His style of play is extremely quick and quite a bit of downhill attacking, ultra conductive to Roy William’s offensive gameplans.

He would be a vast improvement over Dunn from an offensive standpoint. I think the Bulls’ offense would look much better with a shooting threat from the point guard position. I am rather wary of his turnovers (2.7 per game). So from a passing standpoint, he’s not even in the same stratosphere as Morant. He could be much better than Garland, but is he a better passer than Dunn?

Chicago needs a guard who can not only be a threat to score but someone who can set the table for his teammates. Can White consistency find shooters at the next level? Can he throw all the passes like the Trae Youngs and De’Aaron Fox’s of the world (pocket, hook, etc.)? His shorter than expected wingspan might raise some red flags on his passing (and his defense).

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There are questions with his ability to dish it to his teammates, but the good news is that Zach LaVine can take some pressure off of him with his facilitation capabilities. He also has plenty of playmakers and gunners in the lineup so he’ll have help. It’s not crazy to think that he could project as a combo guard at the next stage. A Ben Gordon comp doesn’t seem too outlandish and his future could be as a career sixth man or as a very solid starting point guard.

One thing I’ll throw out there is that White could go to the Suns at six or even the Cavaliers at five, so the Bulls may not get their opportunity to take him. But if he’s available at seven, it looks like the team has already made a promise to draft him, regardless of who else is on the board. Not a great situation, to be honest. That could come back and haunt them in a few years. Why is that? Here’s a good reason:

I apologize for bringing that up.