Chicago Bulls: Pre-NBA Draft offseason primer, hype manual

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GarPax already came out saying that they need more production from the point guard position.

Which is ironic because Paxson said that they didn’t a year ago. You played yourself and somehow you thought it was a good call to roll with Kris Dunn and Cameron freakin’ Payne as the backup. Anyone with eyeballs could see that the position was far from set a season ago.

Nice one, smart guy.

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I have done my hardest to support Dunn because I thought he could be a good, but not a great point guard in today’s NBA. But that ship sailed and there’s really no place for him in the starting five. Maybe he gets relegated to the bench, where he could be more effective and could develop a consistent three-point shot. More on his future with the team later.

I’ll talk about the free agency route later, so for now, I’ll chat about who they could roll with at pick seven. Darius Garland is considered one of the true wildcards in this draft. His sample size of a “whopping” five games played allowed him to display his positive attributes, yet shield his flaws. His size might limit him as a defender at the pro level, but his shooting splits are no doubt intriguing.

Because there doesn’t seem to be a de facto number two point guard in the draft, Garland offers a ton of potential upside as a high risk/high reward player. Things like size, health, and assist-to-turnover ratio are reasons to be afraid, yet scoring potential, shooting range, and a ton of possible upside in the NBA could make him a real contributor out of the gate.

Keyword: contributor. Garland (as we know) is not on the same plateau as Morant, so we don’t know how much he really moves the needle for the Bulls. Speaking of someone who doesn’t exactly move the needle a ton…