Chicago Bulls: Pre-NBA Draft offseason primer, hype manual

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This team needs help at point guard in the worst way and it doesn’t need to be solved via the draft.

I’ll ignore D’Angelo Russell because I just don’t think a backcourt with him and LaVine really helps the team out a ton (especially on defense). It turns Lauri and Carter into glorified rebounders and would soak up the salary cap.

Also, no Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant for obvious reasons. There are plenty of options in free agency and with about $20 million in cap space available, the front office is probably going to have plenty of options:

Malcolm Brogdon: As I mentioned earlier, Brogdan was a second round pick for the Milwaukee Bucks. I would be cool with the team sending him an offer sheet in an attempt to steal him away from the division champs. The Bucks have a lot of free agents outside of Brogdan to keep track of, so they may not be able to match what the Bulls sign him to.

The former Virginia Cavalier was the dark horse Rookie of the Year several years ago and possesses a high field goal percentage and can stretch the floor (40.8 percent from downtown). His passing isn’t exactly the greatest (averages 3.6 assists per game), but he’s a far more capable offensive player than Dunn may ever be.

Patrick Beverley: The ever so feisty Chicago native seems to be a good fit in the Jimbo Boylen system, bringing the energy and grit to the hardwood on a nightly basis. Pat Bev would probably be the best true fit for this team just off his “road dog mentality” alone.

In all seriousness, his shooting is pretty solid and he could probably be had at a reasonable price tag. However, he may be best off as a sixth man. Also, since he’s a Chicago native, GarPax sees that as a great way to sell tickets and have already shown some interest of late. Beverly is also clearly intrigued by the prospect of coming home. This might be the most likely thing on this slideshow to happen.

Terry Rozier: Speaking of guys the front office has shown interest in, “Scary Terry” is also on their radar. And all I have to say is “yuck”. Rozier isn’t a bad basketball player by any stretch, but he is a very overrated player. Take away his playoff numbers when Kyrie Irving went down last year and is he really that good of a player? Well, the below tweet should spell it out for you:

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Giving him a contract of any kind would be seen as a sizable mistake given that he doesn’t move the needle much at all. But like Beverley, he’s a dog. So you could count on him instantly being Jimbo’s favorite player.

Marcus Morris: This was a recent rumor that Shams Charania of The Athletic put out saying that several teams were interested in Morris’ services, one of which happened to be the Bulls. Fit-wise, it’s not terribly great. Morris would likely be playing power forward and (spoiler alert) the team already has a starter at the four.

If he was cool with coming off the bench, that might not be the worst idea. However, with how tumultuous the Celtic’s season was and how he was apart of the drama, I think I’ll sleep soundly if the team lets someone else spend the money on him.

Delon Wright: A great flier for the team to take a swing on. Someone who intrigued me coming out of Utah back in 2013, Wright was a contributor for the Raptors before they sent him away to Memphis at the trade deadline in the Marc Gasol deal.

Wright averaged 12.2 points, 5.3 assists, and 1.6 steals (three triple-doubles in six days!) in 26 games with the Grizzlies. He could be had for cheap, might not solve the long-term position at point guard, but could be worth taking a swing on.

Ricky Rubio: From a fit standpoint, I think Rubio might be one of if not the best possible free agent fit for the Bulls. He can set the table efficiently and effectively (7.7 assists per game). His shooting can space out the floor a bit for the starting lineup and he can challenge and educate Dunn.

Ideally, Rubio could be had for something similar to what Beverley would get. But with very few de facto options at point guard in free agency, he could get himself a nice little payday as he enters his 30s.