Chicago Bulls: 4 trades to move up in 2019 NBA Draft

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Chicago Bulls, Larry Nance Jr.
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Trade no. 2: Move up to no. 5

If the Bulls’ front office is indeed keen on trading guard Zach LaVine, so be it. Do I like the thought of trading LaVine? Absolutely not. I’m a LaVine fan. I like the thought of him playing in Chicago for years to come.

However, GarPax may not — and that could be a reality us Bulls fans would have to come to grips with.

I’ve gotten killed in the past for getting creative with trades involving LaVine, and I understand where fans are coming from. My intention has never been to say that the Bulls should trade him. But, if they do, the Bulls only have so much of a shot to get a realistic return. With Cleveland, they could attempt to land a fantastic sixth man in Larry Nance Jr..

In this case, the Bulls trade their pick along with LaVine to the Cavs in exchange for Nance, their no. 5 pick and the 26th selection in this year’s draft.

What’s my logic behind it? It’s simple: LaVine is a better player than Nance, and moving up just two spots in a draft that only has (maybe) three studs isn’t quite worth it. A second pick in the first round would make it an easier pill to swallow.

Again, I don’t like the thought of trading LaVine. But, this wouldn’t be the worst-case scenario by any means.