Chicago Bears: Time to trust Mitch Trubisky in 2019

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are hoping to take the next step in 2019. We know about their defense so their success starts and ends with No. 10.

The Chicago Bears are an interesting team going into 2019. Most fans believe this is a team that is good enough to win the Super Bowl for the first time since 1985. That would be an amazing accomplishment and Chicago would worship every member of the team as they still do to the 85 guys to this day.

In order for this team to get to that level, they need great play from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. They did get good play from him in 2018, and all signs say he can get even better. He missed two games with an injury that saw the Bears go 1-1. You can argue that the OT loss to the New York Giants in the loss would have been an easy win had Mitch played, and they would have had a first-round bye instead of a first-round defeat in the Cody Parkey game.

With that said, you can’t predict injuries and things like that happen. The point is that he was good enough to earn a Pro Bowl nod and was statistically really good on an NFC North Champion squad. You almost never get a division win without good quarterback play and the Bears got that. They should have all the confidence in him that he can not only do it again but do it even better. They traded up a spot to get him for a reason, now it is time to have confidence in him.

There are a lot of “predictors” out there who project the Bears to take a step back in 2019 and a lot of it is due to a lack of faith in Trubisky. That is an astonishing way of thinking if you ask me because Mitch has given me no reason to believe otherwise. He has performed admirably since becoming the full-time starter, especially in his first full season last year.

In fact, the playoffs are supposed to be the most pressure-packed time for a quarterback, and Mitch played well in his one playoff game. The last time he touched a football for the season, was him putting the Bears in position to win their first playoff game since the 2010 season. We all know what happened next, but Trubisky put them in that position to win the game.

If you have a guy who can take the football down the field and get you in position to win a game, especially in the playoffs, you probably have their guy. If Parkey hits the field goal we would have all praised Mitch for the game-winning drive but now there is a cloud over it. He deserves the respect of everyone until he proves he doesn’t deserve it anymore. Based on his resume, there is no reason to doubt him.

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If Mitch does, in fact, prove everyone wrong once again and the defense builds on being the best defense in the NFL last year, this is absolutely a team that can make a Super Bowl run. We can start by hoping for a division title again, and go from there. It is time to trust Mitch Trubisky and the 2019 Chicago Bears.