Chicago Bulls: Stay away from Anthony Davis

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

A premier NBA superstar is available and the Chicago Bulls should stay away at all costs.

If you’re an NBA fan or more specifically a Chicago Bulls fan, odds are that you’ve heard that New Orleans Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis is on the trade block. To make things even more interesting, New Orleans is looking for at least two more teams before completing a deal for Davis.

Now, in come the Chicago Bulls. The arrow for the Bulls continues to point sideways and despite having a young core, many think that the Bulls could potentially be the third team that New Orleans is looking for should a trade deal for Davis happen. However, for the Bulls, it would be best to not get involved in any trade talks at all costs.

The Bulls aren’t close to being relevant in the NBA. In a weak Eastern conference, this roster couldn’t even claim the eighth seed and punch a ticket to the NBA’s postseason. Not only that, the front office claims this team is building something, however one could argue that there’s been more regression than progression.

While landing Davis would change the Bulls fortunes, the Bulls still won’t be title contenders with Davis alone. With the way the NBA is now trending, you need multiple superstars to even reach the playoffs, let alone play in the NBA Finals.

Staying away from Davis is exactly what this team should be doing. Why trade for a player who’s going to be a free agent next year and end up departing towards greener pastures? In other words, if the Bulls somehow land Davis, he’d basically be a one-year rental. And to make things worse, in the long-term, trading for Davis could end up resetting the Bulls rebuild for multiple reasons.

First, the team would have to give up significant capital to acquire him. This would mean giving up young players like Zach Lavine and also sacrificing future draft picks. Second, the Bulls would be giving up way too much to land Davis.

The Bulls front office clearly isn’t capable of handling star players. If Davis was upset with the way things were being run in New Orleans, what makes anyone think that the Bulls front office would be any better? These are valid questions that need to be asked when thinking about Davis being in a Bulls jersey next season.

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As much as some fans want to see Davis in a Bulls uniform next season, trading for Davis could do more harm than good in the long run. In the short term, the Bulls problems may be fixed, however, there are more long-term problems that will be created. Staying away from Davis and his trade market is one of the best things that this franchise can do at this time.